Exclusive: More women come forward in Andrew Tate trafficking case

By John Simpson , and Sophie Peachey

TNM spoke to a representative for witnesses in the Andrew Tate sex trafficking case. She told us more accusers have come forward.

"They're seeing, really, armies of trolls online or supporters of Andrew Tate calling them liars and sometimes even threatening to dox them."

More women have come forward with allegations of sexual exploitation against the controversial influencer Andrew Tate since his latest arrest in Romania, The News Movement can reveal. 
Lawyers for some of the women accusing the former kickboxer and reality TV star of rape and sex trafficking in Romania have offered legal support to “survivors of Tate” and say more women have already made contact. 
Haley McNamara, vice president of the US-based National Centre on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) told TNM that “a couple” of women had spoken to them with further allegations against Tate, 36, who was arrested for rape, sex trafficking and forming an organised crime group at his compound in Bucharest in December 2022. 
In an exclusive interview with TNM, Haley said that the women the NCOSE, a non-profit based in Washington DC, are supporting in the Romanian case against him had suffered a series of attacks by “armies of trolls online” accusing them of lying and threatening to “dox” them - or release personal details including their home addresses online.

"A couple" of new witnesses come forward

“We’ve essentially made our legal services available to survivors of Andrew Tate,” she said. The NCOSE has appealed for potential “survivors” of Tate to speak out since the arrests, she said, adding: “We have had some responses.” 
She declined to give details of the new claims but, asked how many more women had come forward so far, she added: “I can say a couple”. 

Witnesses consider lawsuit

She also said that the centre was looking into the women’s options for mounting a lawsuit for damages against Tate, who along with his brother and two alleged female accomplices, denies all the allegations. 
Andrew Tate’s popularity on social media has soared in recent years in part because of users of his Hustlers’ University, which sells short courses on making money online and splits sign-up fees with users for each new recruit brought in by sharing his videos. 
https://d2pmqfxhi6vfg3.cloudfront.net/images/2023-01-20T15:41:41.869Z-tate cms.jpg

Girls were "coerced into filming sexual content" and "did not get to keep the proceeds"

The scheme also helped him to get around bans on social media platforms. 
His arrest has prompted public criticism of his misogyny but emboldened his supporters, many of whom believe that the case against him is part of a conspiracy to silence him. 
Asked to describe the allegations made by the NCOSE’s clients in the case, Haley she had to be careful not to share sensitive details of the ongoing case, but said: “A Romanian judiciary source has said that the Tate brothers [Andrew and his brother Tristan, 34] had emotional and physical violence, that they surveilled them 24/7, that they weren’t allowed to leave the premises without security and that they essentially were coerced into filming sexual content and they did not get to keep the proceeds."

Physical and psychological abuse

“Physical abuse can include physical coercion, it can include strangulation, that's something that we've often seen reported in the news around the Tate case and also just the psychological abuse of knowing that these images that you don't want to be creating, are out there,” she added.

"Supporters continue to call them liars"

She said that the webcam work the women had done for the Tate brothers now hangs over their heads as hundreds of thousands of vocal supporters of Tate, primarily young men who idolise him, seek to discredit the witnesses.
“With Andrew Tate, supporters continue to call them liars, can continue to circulate those images and can even sometimes threaten to share their name, their address, their contact information. 

The road ahead...

“The road ahead for survivors is very difficult. They face a lot of online hate, threats to their privacy. So our goal really is just to be a support system for them. We have survivor services who will connect them with mental health support and, um, and really just try to walk with them through whatever steps they want to take legally,” she said, stressing that this included potential civil claims against Tate, who professes to be a multimillionaire.