Hoda Muthana: I’ll go to prison and do my time

By Lucy Marley Reporter and Producer ,
Phil Caller Shoot & Edit ,
Hisham Arafat Producer, Syria ,
and Tom Gordon-Martin Producer, UK

Hoda Muthana who left America to join ISIS when she was 20 and currently being held in a prison camp in northern Syria has said she is prepared to go to prison in the US and "do my time"

Justice: what should happen next?
The US government had repatriated some of American citizens - and charged ISIS members through the justice system. 
We asked Hoda what should happen to her if she were to be allowed to return to the US. 

“How do you reflect today, on that time when you were back with ISIS?”
ISIS has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world. 
At least 350,209 people are estimated to have been killed in Syria by the UN - although they admit the real number is likely to be higher.
When asked how she reflects on her time with the terror organisation she says: “of course i regret coming here”

What would you say to victims of ISIS?
ISIS has claimed thousands of innocent lives and carried out terror attacks across the world. 
We asked Hoda if there was anything she would want to say to the victims of ISIS, families who may have lost loved ones. 

What next?
Watch Hoda’s full interview on YouTube here.
You can read more about Shamima’s battle with the UK courts here, in an article by the Associated Press. 
We are following the case and will update you when we hear a result. 
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“I’m a victim of ISIS”: Hoda Muthana left the US to join ISIS. Now she wants to come home