Let’s get down and #Huddle

By Emma Middleton Journalist

It’s a network, a community, a sense of belonging.

There’s just something about sport…

It’s a network, a community, a sense of belonging.

‘You’ve got this!’

So here’s something you should know about me. Sport is a huge part of my life.
My friends joke that I spent more time on a netball court than in lecture theatres at uni…
My team had my back - and I had theirs - a sense of togetherness. It’s that ‘you’ve got this’ kind of feeling - a feeling which I carried with me off the court too.
And that’s why sport is so important to everyone’s life.

An (un)level playing field

Everyone should be able to play sport, with no barriers. But I’m learning that’s not always the case…
A takeaway.
In the UK...
More than a quarter of top-flight women’s football clubs have no physio, and just under a third have no team doctor.
A takeaway.
In the US...
Some National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) players say they juggle multiple jobs - like packing Amazon boxes and delivering takeaways - to support themselves.

Women’s ‘stuff’

The extra ‘stuff’ that women have to deal with can make sport less appealing.
It’s a health barrier to enjoying exercise, and one most of us have experienced - so let’s chat about it.
A takeaway.
In the UK…
42% of girls aged 12-14 avoid exercise when they have their period.

The journey begins

That’s where our Women in Sport group, Huddle, was born. It’s about letting female athletes tell us about the challenges they face - in their own words.
The Huddle is about putting our arms around each other and having open conversations.
It’s the beginning of an exciting journey, raising important issues, hearing from amazing sportswomen, and creating partnerships that help the call for change. #Huddle

“Oh, you don’t look like a rally driver”